My role on this project was working on the Hero Character's Lookdev and Texturing - Both Hero and Demon

A passion project that pays tribute to classic anime movies, while honing Tendril's unique in-house art style.

This project was born out of our love for game cinematics and our desire to showcase our strength in character animation. Everything in this film is original — from concept, characters, environments to the smallest details of the protagonists’ fashion and choice of weaponry. In order to create this cinematic, we dove deep into the creation of the entire storyworld of Keinon. The sound design was brought to life by our long-time collaborator Cypher.

Below is a glimpse into the backstory we imagined — perhaps one day we’ll bring the full story to life. The hero of our story is Keinon, an abandoned orphan raised by a Ronin (a Samurai without a master) to fight an ancestral curse. Centuries ago, Keinon’s ancestor — greedy King Aram — forged a pact with a demon, promising all his blood descendants in return for control over the Empire. Upon reaching a certain age, his descendants begin transforming into demons. Keinon’s face and limbs have already turned and it is now a race against time as the only cure to this curse would be to defeat King Aram’s army…

Process - Lookdev and Texturing

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