Some years ago I was invited to help with the Visual development and textures of a cool asset for a Futuristic Short film called One Minute Worlds, now the new title is A THOUSAND SUNS. Check its first Trailer !
The hero asset is a Flying Drone decorated with some ornaments in a mix of Tech and Luxury design. The project wasn't released yet to this date, but the producer gave me the green light to share my work on this asset. 

Director : Miguel de Olaso, aka MacgregorTM
Producer : Adriana Siu
I received the file as a Blender file and had to rework it to adapt to Maya, with redoing the Uvs with UDIMs and get it read to Substance Painter work.
I also had to rebuild all UVs, reorganize them in UDIMs and create custom tech patterns in Substance Designer to add detail to all materials. 

Here some of the Patterns and textures created in Substance Designer for this project.
The Ornaments applied on the Drone were repurposed from this Procedural project i did before, also in Substance Designer.

References Sheet, UDIM Uvs, and some of the patterns created for the ornaments

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