Worked with Tendril to help with the visual development for this Space Channel ID (Neon Spider). The animation was created for Bell Media Space Channel as a part of branding refresh in 2015.​​​​​​​
Client CD: Mike StanleyProduction Company:TendrilCreative Directors:Chris Bahry and Alexandre TorresExecutive Producer:Kate BateProducers: Anne Deslauriers, Leah WesolowskiMusic and Sound Design:John Black of CypherAudio"Neon Spider":Editor:Steve ManzConcept Art:Rodolfo Perisse RochaArt Direction:Alexandre Torres, Leo MateusModeling:Victor Hugo Dias de Sousa, Marcelo Alves de SouzaAdditional Modeling:Vini NascimentoRigging:Clovis GayAnimation and Web Dynamics:Marcin PorebskiLook Dev, Lighting, Textures, and Render:Marcelo Alves de SouzaTechnical Director:Ben Pilgrim and Marcin PorebskiCompositing:Chris Bahry"Space Projector":Art Direction:Alexandre Torres, Chris BahryModelling and Design:Alexandre Torres, Vini Nascimento, Rowan Simpson, Marcin Porebski, Christian Hecht Technical Director:Ben PilgrimAnimation:Marcin PorebskiLighting, Render, Textures:Brad HusbandParticleFX / UI / Hologram:Gabriel RochaDecal Textures:Steven HollmanCompositing:Brad Husband, Chris BahryEditor:Steve Manz"Space Eggs":Art Direction:Chris Bahry, Leo MateusLook Dev, Animation, Rigging, FX:Will SharkeyTextures:Will Sharkey, Alasgar HasanovLighting, Render:Alasgar HasanovCompositing:Alasgar Hasanov, Chris BahryEditor:Steve Manz"Iron Pink and Blue":Live Action and Art Direction:Chris Bahry and Leo MateusCompositing:Chris Bahry and Leo MateusEditor:Jackie Roda

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