NIO ET9 – Ushering a New Era of Innovation with Elegance

How do you introduce NIO's new flagship luxury electric vehicle to the world? How do you make it so the elegant innovation is the protagonist at all times?

NIO is one of the fastest growing EV companies in the world and they came to Tendril to help with one of their biggest launches yet: introducing the NIO ET9 at NIO Day 2023, their annual keynote. The films, dynamic visuals and stills showcase NIO’s innovative technology in a sophisticated and elevated way. Zero distractions.

The modular design also allowed for both flexibility and relevance in every touchpoint. From the main brand film, visuals for the keynote, and hundreds of moments for web and social, the end result was able to convey the purity, power, and elegance of NIO’s new flagship luxury car.

RnD + Process (Using a Prototype Model the NIO EVE)

Client: NIO
Studio: Tendril 
Creative Director: Patrick Coffey
Director: Sam Humphries and Sebastian Helene
Executive Producer: Ramona Gornik-Lee
Producer: Jelena Sibalija
Coordinator: Julia Blackwell​​​​​​​
Tech Lead: Christian Hecht
Model: Flavio Diniz, David Cunningham, Fellipe Beckman
Design: Daniel Lepik, Dennis Tiege, Dorian Gourg, Leo Bortolussi, Sam Humphries, Sebastian Helene
Animation: Hernán Lindenbaum, Lamek Felix, Leo Bortolussi, Sam Humphries, Sebastian Helene
Light + Render: Alexandre Veaux, Brad Husband, Nemanja Ivanovic, Christian Hecht, Leo Bortolussi, BKA, Marcelo Souza
Compositing: Astrid Cardenas, Corey Larson, Tryptyc, Olaf Blomerus, Bruno Ferrari, Andre Chaves
Sound Design: Cypher Audio 
Composer: Joris van Grunsven

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