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AT&T 5G Helmet
True innovation in sport means expanding who can access the game.

What if technology could change the game for Deaf and hard of hearing athletes impacted by on-field communication barriers? 

We helped AT&T introduce the AT&T 5G Helmet: the world’s first football helmet designed to level the playing field for Deaf and hard of hearing players. 

Collaborating with Translation, we crafted a film that serves as a celebratory introduction of this technological marvel, through a dynamic exploration that brings to life the helmet's design and cutting-edge features. Powered by Letin AR technology, the helmet enables coaches on the sideline to instantly deliver plays to the eyes of players via AT&T 5G technology. 

The film speaks to this immediate impact, leaving audiences with a profound understanding that the AT&T 5G Helmet is more than just protective gear—it's tangible progress in the ever-evolving landscape of sports technology.


Motion Graphics that Match the Speed of the Game

We created a series of motion graphics during the RnD phase of this project to represent the communication between coaches and players using the AT&T 5G Helmet.

Process RnD Shots

Client: AT&T
Agency: Translation
Production Company: Tendril
Creative Director: Leo Mateus 
Executive Producer: Mary Anne Ledesma
Directors: Molly Smisko & Don Ackerman
Producer: Gerard Goco + Cody McFarland
Art Director: Martina Stiftinger
2D Design: Jack Collis, Gabriel Rocha, Safeer Ali, Rafa Cezar
3D Design: Runbo Chen, Rita Louro, Leonardo Bortolussi, Vinicius Naldi, James Van den Elshout, Rafa Eifler, Andrew Prousalis
Model & Texture: Flavio Diniz, Andrew Prousalis
3D Animation: Sam Tato, Chris Peregom, Emi Flores
2D Animation: Gabriel Rocha, Juliana Custódio, Safeer Ali, Rafa Cezar
Light & Render: Andrew Prousalis, Yeseong Kim, Leonardo Bortolussi, Marcelo Souza, Christian Hecht
Compositors: Astrid Cardenas, Paulo Dias, Irmak Simiz, Rob Del Ciancio

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