Dragon's EYE - 2023
CLIENT : Tendril
ROLES | Rnd - Modeling - Texturing - Houdini - lookdev - Lighting

Extra Credits : Brad Husband (Lookdev), Tyrel Scott (Rigging), Dragon Model (Pre-built Asset), Jimmy Gill (Animation), Danilo Silveria (Director), Andre Chaves (Comp)
This is the Rnd/Lookdev of a Dragon's Eye I made for a recent job that was not used in the final film.
   I have used an unusual workflow to create a realistic eye converting the VDB heavy geometry into Displacement maps.
    I started by building a procedural iris system, but the resulting mesh was too heavy to rig and animate it in a short time. So, to solve this problem, I created a simple system in Houdini that baked the VDB iris into a depth map and reapplied it on the eye mesh as displacement. This worked well with the Redshift subsurface shader.
I also made another simple system in Houdini to generate the tiny veins on the lid and membrane.
Procedural VDB Iris system - Houdini

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