My Role on this was prepping the asset for production with all shaders in, Lookdev it and also creating the Strap texture in Substance Designer procedurally.

LookDev TurnTable (Without the Strap texture)

Full Credits
Client : Hublot

Head of Hublot Studio : Yann Lauener

Hublot Executive Producer
: Frédéric D’alberto

Production Company
: Tendril

Creative Director
: Chris Bahry
: Joey Recoskie

Executive Producer
: Mary Anne Ledesma

: Brittany Sheahan

: Tyler Wong
Art Director
: Daniel Lepik

3D Design
: Sylvain Gaussens, Yeseong Kim, Rita Louro, Rafa Cezar, Daniel Lepik, Joey Recoskie

Model & Rig
: Flavio Diniz, Marcelo Souza
Animation Lead
Will Sharkey

3D Animation
: Rafa Cezar, Sam Tato, Will Sharkey, Joey Recoskie
Houdini Sim
: Arnis Vitols, Sylvain Gaussens, Yeseong Kim
2D Design + Animation :
Rafa Cezar
Light + Render
: Brad Husband, Yeseong Kim, Joey Recoskie

: Astrid Cardenas, Brad Husband, Corey Larsoo

Sound by Cypher
Composer : Joris van Grunsven
Sound Design & Mix : John Black
Executive Producer : Julie Neff

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